Monday, January 24, 2011

Treating Yourself Like You Would Treat Your Boss

A lot of people will routinely go the extra mile for their boss or the company they work for, but they can't seem to put that same level of dedication and effort into working for themselves.  Why? Mostly because they cut themselves the slack they know a "real" boss never would.  A "real" boss expects you to perform up to his level of expectations.

Here's the thing ... you ARE the "real" boss.  You have to demand from yourself what your old boss used to demand from you.  This concept seems simple enough, but it's easier said (written) than done.

If you're having trouble cracking the whip at yourself, try to imagine that you are working for someone else.  You're working for a boss who never comes into the office, and always expects you to anticipate his needs and meet them without asking.  Set deadlines for your projects and make sure to get them done on time so the "boss" won't get mad. 

Give yourself the same quality of work and performance efficiency that you used to give to someone else.  Your "real" boss would not be okay with you putting projects off so you can take care of personal business, and neither should you.  Working For Yourself gives you the opportunity to plan work around your personal life, but that doesn't mean you should put off business in favor of pleasure. 

Dedicating quality time to Working For Yourself will make your business as profitable for you now, as it used to do for any of the companies you worked for in the past. 

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