Friday, February 11, 2011

Building Traffic With Traffic Exchanges

As previously discussed, traffic refers to the number of people visiting your site. There are other terms used for this as well, such as hits and page views, but they all mean basically the same thing ... they measure the number of people looking at your blog or website. The more traffic you get, the more opportunities you have to sell your products. One way to build traffic to your blog is to put it on a traffic exchange.

A traffic exchange is a website where its members agree to help each other build up traffic for their various blogs and websites. Blogs and websites are placed on a rotation, and members "surf" each other's sites, viewing each for a specified amount of time before clicking through to the next one. Instead of "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours," it's "If you look at mine, I'll look at yours."

There are all kinds of different traffic exchanges. Some want you to visit a page for 30 seconds, while others can require as little as 10 seconds per view. Some allow you to surf for credits, some for cash, and some for both. Credits are basically the amount of times your blog will get run through the traffic exchange. So, if you have 50 credits, your blog will get viewed 50 times. The rate at which you earn credits or cash varies from traffic exchange to traffic exchange. While it is possible to make money from surfing a traffic exchange, it really isn't very much, so I personally only surf for credits.

There are auto-surf exchanges and manual traffic exchanges. For an auto-surf traffic exchange, you simply go to their site, click to start surfing, then minimize the window and go about your business. Auto-surf surfs automatically. All you have to do is check it from time to time to make sure it doesn't get hung up on one site. Auto-surf exchanges sound great, because you can build up a lot of traffic without a lot of effort. However, my blogspot blog was rejected by every auto-surf exchange I signed up with. I don't know if it's a blogspot issue specifically, or if it's because you have to have your own domain.

Manual traffic exchanges mean you have to click on a button in order to move on to the next site. You will not get credit for visiting a site if you click on the button before the timer runs down, or if you click on the wrong button. Since I'm confined to using only manual exchanges, I usually have about five of them running in different tabs at the same time, and I surf them all at once. By the time I've clicked through all of them, the timers on the first ones have run down, so I can begin the cycle anew.

It was recommended to me to leave my blog on traffic exchanges for three weeks, and then to take them off. As mentioned in my previous post, the search engines don't count hits from traffic exchanges as quality traffic, so there's no real point to leaving it on the rotation any longer than that. Working For Yourself has just about completed its three weeks, and I will have gotten over 3,000 hits by the time it's done. That's surfing five manual exchanges three days per week, and viewing approximately 75 sites per exchange, per day.

Below, I will give you links to my favorite manual traffic exchanges. But before you start surfing, there are some things you should be aware of. First, there is the noise. A lot of blogs and sites have audio and video recordings, and sometimes you are listening to five of these going off at once. It's enough to drive you crazy, so I recommend surfing with the speakers off.

Second, DO NOT get on a traffic exchange unless you have up to date virus protection. My anti-virus software caught and stopped three viruses while on the exchanges. If you consider the number of sites viewed, the percentage of virus incidents is pretty low, but it's best not to go in unprotected.

One last question to consider is ... Are traffic exchanges a niche market unto themselves? In other words, are other people surfing the exchange potential customers? It depends on what you're selling. For the most part, the sites and blogs I saw on the exchanges are all either selling ways to make money online, or promoting other traffic exchanges, or trying to get people into their downline (that's another topic). So, if your blog is offering the same types of opportunities, it's unlikely that one of your competitors is going to buy from you. On an auto-surf exchange, the chances of someone actually looking at your blog, much less clicking on it, are even less.

That said, I think anything different on a manual traffic exchange is at least going to get some attention. I'll be testing that theory when I put my other blog on the manual exchanges and see if I can pick up a few sales. I'll let you know how that goes.

Traffic Exchanges can perform well for you, so long as you go into it with reasonable expectations. If you're just looking to get some hits to startup a new blog or website, then they'll do the job for you. If you're trying to earn a little money by surfing, they can do that for you too, but you do a lot of clicking to get a little money. If you're looking to sell your products to other surfers, then you have to be selling something different. If you're offering the same thing that everyone else is, then a traffic exchange is probably not going to produce sales for you.

Here are my favorite Manual Traffic Exchanges:

EasyHits4U . This exchange has two surf for credit rates, and you get prizes every 25 sites you view. The prize is usually text ad impressions or banner ad impressions, and occasionally you win more credits. To me, the prizes make things a bit more fun. They also have over 300,000 registered members, so that's a lot of potential eyes on your blog, if you have a little something different to sell.

FreeTrafficWorld. You can surf for cash or credits on this exchange, and they also have a lot of members ... over 20,000.

BlogClicker. This is one of my favorite exchanges, because it features mostly blogs, and they are selling a variety of different products. Believe me, once you spend some time surfing, you will appreciate looking at something different.

Hit 2 Hit. This is one of my favorite exchanges, because it's fast. The timer is only 10 seconds long, so I usually visit 2 sites on this exchange for every 1 I surf on the others. The membership is large, over 10,000, and there are lots of games you can play, where you can win 3 credits for the right answer, which keeps things fun.

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