Monday, February 7, 2011

Executive Data Group Offers Comprehensive Training

Were you aware that data entry jobs are the #1 work from home job opportunity on the web? A great number of these jobs cannot be filled due to the lack of experience, knowledge or resources for connecting workers with the actual job opportunities.

That's where Executive Data Group comes into play. Executive Data Group will professionally train you to do a variety of job tasks. The Executive Data Group program is designed for those new to computers and the Internet. Listed below are just a few of the jobs they are going to teach you to perform for the organizations they work with.

Online Data Entry Clerk
Online data entry clerks work with numerous projects outsourced by companies. You will be working directly with the companies, which will send their projects right to you. You will be performing a variety of tasks, including creating or maintaining spreadsheets, producing company literature, word processing, etc. You'll do projects like generating fax cover sheets, company newsletters, business letterhead, etc. The majority of the forms are already designed and you are simply going to be entering the content furnished by the company and sending it back to them.

Data Marketing Operator
This is among the most popular kinds of data entry jobs on the Internet. This type of job can provide limitless amounts of work that you are able to perform at your leisure. Executive Data Group will train you to type small forms and submissions. You're trained on exactly how and where to post the submissions for any of the 1000s of businesses accessible in their network. Make use of the special pay tracking furnished by every company to monitor your earnings. You will end with a nice paycheck each month. Some workers can make $300 to $1000 or more per day with this particular program.

Web Research Assistant
Being a Web research assistant you'll be expected to look at particular websites and web-based products. You'll then compose an evaluation or complete data research reports with your general impression of the business or their products. All the tasks are carried out online from your own home. You'll have the chance to go to focus groups in your area as well. The essential part of the work is performed online and usually takes an average of about thirty minutes to finish. Lengthier projects typically mean more earning potential. This can be a fun job and build a nice income.

Executive Data Group provides you with:
  • Comprehensive training on various kinds of data entry jobs.
  • All essential software required to do the training and the jobs.
  • Thousands of organizations to perform work for.
  • Personalized guidance that will help you through training.
Does this sound like the kind of program you've been looking for? For more information, visit Executive Data Group.

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