Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Getting Backlinks With Article Marketing

The more research I do, the more I come to find out that article marketing is a key factor to the success of any online business.  Not only does article marketing give you the opportunity to sell yourself, your site, and your products, but it also is the primary source of getting backlinks. 

Here's how it works.  Include a link back to your site at the bottom of every article you write, and then submit your articles to directories all over the Internet.  Sounds simple enough, but there's a catch.  Google dismisses duplicate content.  So, if you submit your article to 100 directories, Google only counts the first one it finds.  The other 99 were pretty much a waste of your time. 

That's where article spinning comes into play.  Spinning an article means rewriting it by using different words and phrases, rearranging sentences and paragraphs, making it just different enough that Google doesn't see it as a duplicate. Imagine doing that 99 times.  I should mention that some people say it is only necessary to submit to the top ten article directories, so you'd only have to spin it 9 times. 

However, most of the sites I researched recommended submitting to at least 50 while others suggest up to 300.  That's a lot of spinning.  It's also a lot of submitting. There is software that can automate these tasks.  I'll be reviewing some of those next week, so stay tuned.

The point of all of this spinning and submitting is to get quality backlinks.  Quality backlinks, because they are attached to an article laced with your keywords, and coming from sites where they are listed under related categories amongst other related articles. There's just no getting around it.  If you want to be a success online, you have to do article marketing.

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