Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Article Marketing & Google's New Algorithm Change

For the last few weeks, I have been working with various article marketing tools in order to advertise my blog and websites.  During that time I used three different tools.  One to create the article, one to spin it, and the third to submit the article to 300 + sites.  The purpose for all of this was to get backlinks and therefore traffic to my sites. 

All of the tools performed more or less as expected, with the less going to the article creation tool.  This software was advertised as being able to generate unique articles quickly. All you had to do, according to the creator, is put your search phrase in, click on the research button, and then click a button and the tool would write a 300 word article for you from that research. 

First, there is the ethical issue.  Basically what the tool is doing is going through other people's published articles and taking a sentence or two from each of these, and then generate an entirely new article from it.  They call that plagiarism where I come from, and the very idea of it just doesn't sit well with me.  That being said, that part of the tool never worked properly anyway.  However another part of the tool, the one that creates paragraphs for a selected list of subtopics did work well.  Despite all of its ethical drawbacks, I personally found another part of the tool, the fact finder, to be very useful.  It allows you to do a lot of research from a lot of different sources very quickly, which is a time saver.  I simply pulled out the facts that I wanted to touch on, and used that as inspiration for my own, completely original article.  In addition, the tool has a synonym replacer, which is very helpful in completing the article.

The second tool, the spinner, performed exactly as expected, though not nearly as quickly as advertised.  Sure, there is an option to replace all found synonyms with either your own favorites or that of all the other users, but these are quite often out of the context of your original article, with the end result being a load of unrecognizable gibberish.  Of course, if you take the time to pick your synonyms, the results are fantastic, but this takes time.  The purpose of the spinner is to generate hundreds of unique versions of your article for submission to various article directories.

And that brings us to the final tool, an article submission program.  The object of this tool is to submit your spun articles to hundreds of article directories all over the Internet.  The tools performed again as expected.  It even created accounts for you at the various directories and also handled confirmation emails.  You could set a submission schedule, so that your article is only submitted to 30 sites a day, which appears more natural rather than hitting 300 sites at once.  Apparently, Google sees mass submissions like that as spam, and they dismiss it from their results for about six months.

A few days ago, Google tweaked its algorithm so as to reduce the importance of these so-called content farms.  Which means that it's pointless to submit an article to 300 + directories, because backlinks from these places no longer count as much as they once did.  And since that's true, it's not really necessary to generate hundreds of unique articles in order to market your site. 

So, where does that leave us?  Pretty much at square one.  To be clear, creating articles is still important for marketing your site, but now quality counts for more than quantity.  Maybe that's not such a bad thing.

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