Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sralos Fantasy Art Website Launched

As promised, I am taking everything that I've learned while creating this blog and applying it to a website featuring my artwork. 

The name of the site is Sralos Fantasy Art.  The url is, or you can just click on the link if you want to check out my progress so far. 

The last few weeks have been devoted to site design and layout, getting it ready for advertising.  This is a Wordpress blog on my own website, so I've been installing plugins to make the site function the way I need it to.  I know that a lot of people are plugin crazy, but my philosophy on them is less is more.  I try to get by with as few plugins as possible, because it cuts down on performance problems, and there are fewer chances of plugins conflicting with each other. 

Once the site layout was complete, I started researching keywords using Google's Adwords Keyword tool, then added the ones I chose to my Meta Tags, and placed those everywhere on my site with the All In One SEO plugin for Wordpress.  This plugin will also allow you to customize your keywords for each post. 

I also installed a social bookmarking plugin called Share and Follow.  This one allows you to put links to many social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter on your posts and pages.  I set mine up to put the buttons on every page and post, and there is a link to my Facebook fan page on the sidebar.  Not only does this plugin make it easy for visitors to share one of my posts with their friends, but it also allows me to update my Facebook fan page as well. 

Yesterday, I added Sralos Fantasy Art to the manual Traffic Exchanges I already belong to.  I haven't added it to the auto surf exchanges yet, but I plan to do that after I've had it on the manual for awhile. 

Today, I signed up to the affiliate programs of several digital art tools and websites.  Once that was done, I went to my blog and added ads and banners for Adobe Photoshop CS5, DAZ 3D, and Poser 8.  I'm still waiting to be approved by Renderosity, but since I've been a member and a customer for years and years, I think they'll approve me. :) 

Oh, and I'm adding a backlink to Sralos Fantasy Art right here on this blog!  And not just the ones in this post, either.  I've added a permanent link on the sidebar.

Tomorrow I plan to add into the rotations of the manual exchanges, and start surfing for credits to get it shown as many times as possible.  I also plan to start submitting the site to web directories. 

Hopefully, people will fall in love with my art and start buying it.  I'll keep you posted on what happens.  Wish me luck!


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